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Replacement Conservatory Roofs




Replacement Conservatory Roofs

If your conservatory roof has become damaged, outdated or inefficient, then it’s time to consider a replacement. As leading suppliers of Guardian conservatory roofs in Dorset and Hampshire, we supply only the best products on the market to ensure an effective and attractive result.

The tiled conservatory roofs we provide from Guardian are an excellent way of modernising the appearance of your conservatory and improving its thermal performance.
We also offer the option of the LivinRoof!
Get in touch today on 0800 1448 208 to find out more!

tiled conservatory roof


Guardian conservatory roof

Thermally Efficient

A tiled conservatory roof ensures that your conservatory remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Perfect for use all year round!

replacement conservatory roof

Satisfaction Guarantee

Full liability insurance covering all aspects of work. 10 year insurance backed guarantees for complete peace of mind on your replacement conservatory roof!

Guardian conservatory roof installers

Variety of Tile Options

Guardian conservatory roofs come with a range of tiling options to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your home!


replacement conservatory roofs

Improve Thermal Performance

A common problem with conservatories is maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round and the type of roof your conservatory has plays a big part in this.

Glass conservatory roofs act as a magnifying glass in the summer and allow a lot of heat to escape during winter. This can mean that your conservatory is rarely at a comfortable temperature. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution with the Guardian conservatory roof, so you can enjoy your conservatory all year round in total comfort.

Our replacement conservatory roofs are tiled and specially designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and can be installed in just a few days by our approved expert installers.

Get in touch today to discuss your replacement conservatory roof requirements!

Thermaspec - Get a quote Guardian conservatory roofs

Update Your Conservatory and add value to your home

A replacement conservatory roof can radically change the exterior appearance of your conservatory and broaden the interior possibilities available to you.

A Guardian conservatory roof creates a finish both inside and outside much more like an extension than a glass conservatory. This means that you can create that extra living space you’ve always wanted without spending more on a new extension.

The extra living space created by a new Guardian replacement conservatory roof will also boost the value and kerb appeal of your home if you come to sell, making it a worthwhile long term invesmtnent!

Whatever your interior design plans, a tiled conservatory roof will update the look of your conservatory and allow you to fully unlock its potential as a living space.

Contact our team today to discuss a Guardian conservatory roof!

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replacement conservatory roof

replacement conservatory roof

Soundproof Your Conservatory

Whether it’s noisy neighbours, the sound of cars passing by or simply the incessant drumming of rain on your conservatory roof, unwanted noise can be bothersome and prevent you from fully relaxing in your conservatory.

The replacement tiled conservatory roofs that we supply from Guardian have soundproofing qualities far superior to glass conservatory roofs. Due to their tiled appearance and layers of insulation, unwelcome noises are kept at bay with a Guardian conservatory roof, so you can fully enjoy your revitalised living space in peace.

Contact our team for more information about our tiled conservatory roofs from Guardian!

Thermaspec - Get a quote tiled conservatory roof

Metrolite Espirit Shingle Tile Samples

espirit guardian tiles

Burnt Umber

espirit guardian tiles

Cool Black

espirit guardian tiles


espirit guardian tiles


espirit guardian tiles

Bister Brown

espirit guardian tiles


Metrolite Shingle Tile Samples

metrolite guardian tiles


espirit guardian tiles

Burnt Umber

espirit guardian tiles


espirit guardian tiles


espirit guardian tiles

Moss Green

TapcoSlate Tile Samples

Tapco conservatory roof tiles

Brick Red

tapco replacement conservatory roof


replacement conservatory roof tiles

Chestnut Brown

Tapcoslate conservatory tiles

Slate Grey

conservatory roof tiles

Dover Grey

replacement conservatory roof tiles

Pewter Grey

Tapcoslate conservatory tiles

Emerald Green

Tapcoslate tile samples

Forest Green

replacement conservatory tiles

Moss Green


Charcoal Grey

Tapcoslate tiles conservatory

Stone Black


Want to find out more about our replacement conservatory roofs or tiling options? Don't hesitate to contact our team today on 0800 1448 208.

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